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Why Should You Consider Outsourcing Hardware Maintenance?


Hardware is one of the infrastructures your company needs to spend a hefty amount on. They house all the applications, tools and data needed by your individual employee to fulfill their day-to-day tasks in the office. And hardware maintenance is also a crucial investment to make sure these infrastructures will serve its operational purpose till obsolescence. Imagine a day when a chunk of your computers shut down altogether in the most crucial day of the month – say a month-end reconciliation or board meetings?

That will be a disaster.

In this age when most corporate organization feel the tight competition, the race towards fulfilling the yearly targets seems so exhausting to all stakeholders, including your employees. And, it will be better for everyone to rely on a team that can do the job of hardware maintenance when the company is in need of it.

Forming an in-house Tech Team

It is not actually bad for you to form an in-house tech team. It is actually in your best interest that this team is on the lookout for any possible software and hardware failures in the organization. But this operational decision is not for every business.

There are those who opt to proceed with the business with even having one tech guy in the organization. Reasons are:

  • It is not their operational interest to form a team yet since the operation can barely support the entire organization.
  • Some business owners feel that tech team may do less than what the other department does since not all the time there are units to repair or server to set-up.

The is the usual mindset of the budding enterprises. And whatever operational decisions the management made isn’t questionable since the growth is the first priority.

However, a business that is growing with hardware that is aging with time, an IT personnel who will conduct hardware maintenance is a must. And if getting a person or a team to be your in-house IT is too much for your operational expenses, then outsourcing is the next best step to take.

Why outsource?

This question has become the most epic question discussed inside the board room. Management with their consultant will do roundtable discussion just to make the right decision whether the business needs to outsource or not. And if you are asking why, below are the two things that you might want to take into consideration.


  • The truth is absolute; it is financially challenging for a small and medium business to keep an in-house team.

The financial discussion has been the roughest part of any management discussion. The entire business operation nestles on the company’s resources. Without tight budgeting, the operation will fall apart.

Keeping a regular employee could be a little burdensome for the financials. While putting him on contractual and casual status is unethical. This where you might consider outsourcing the job to a Tech agency who can do the job for a lesser cost.

  • The Average Lifespan of Machines

According to hardware.ittoolbox.com, the average lifespan of machines is around three (3) to five (5) years. With maintenance, a machine can last for five years. Well-maintained servers, on the other hand, may last for ten years. Most corporations also use this lifespan as their benchmark for forecasting the effectiveness of all machines and hardware. Below are the factors that IT department uses in predicting the lifespan:

  • Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF) of the hardware
  • Increased performance demands of software (requiring more powerful systems to keep performance up)
  • Depreciation rates assigned by the accountants

If you are a company operating on aging machines, you might need to heed the advice or help of IT companies to keep your operations running.


Do not let hardware failures ruin your day-to-day business processes. Here in iManila, we have more than a million-man hour of experience in handling hardware and software issue. Entrust your hardware maintenance with us. We have Standard and Premium packages that will surely suit not just your budget but also your needs. Talk to us!

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