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Ways to Get Conversion on Social Media


Social Media has changed the way people are getting informed these days. Somehow, it became the second search engine used by the users when finding a person, event or even brands. And with the force of social media coming in full swing, it is becoming an unstoppable force that marketers need to use to their advantage.

In our previous blog we have discussed what KPIs you need to focus should you decide to go all out with your social media marketing. While most have chosen to go with branding metrics, some are aggressive enough to zoom into sales-centric ones. The question now is, is social media a perfect channel to convert audience to customers?

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Is conversion possible?

The answer is a big fat YES! Social Media has the ability to drive potent traffic ready for conversion. The key in maximizing that ability is by following these 6 key points we got from on how to win more conversion on Social Media.

  • Unique Content per Platform

This is a basic rule everyone needs to understand. Different social media platforms have different cultures, setting it apart from other platforms. In that sense, users also have a different behavior towards content. While funny content can be the most engaging on Facebook, that doesn’t mean it works the same with Instagram. Instagram users are artsy, hip, trendy and post neatly than the users of Facebook. Feed goals are the new trend and incredible visuals are the king of all IG content.

Twitter on the other has a different taste. Brevity is the key. Concise, witty and on-point content for brands is highly engaging. While most end-users treat their twitters as their private spaces for their up-to-date rants and angst – following the trending hashtags is still mainstream for both users and brands.

  • Go Beyond Links for Content Promotion

People don’t go to social media to be bombarded by the same content they see on their television set. The reason they migrated to social media is that of the authenticity of the content, and the value-adding content they get from it – not some heavy bullshit that feels like a rusting advertising knife stuck in their ears.

The content format can either be entertaining or informative. Users gravitate towards these type of content they felt are not sponsored. But for marketers, telling a story and sharing entertaining content like memes, GIFs, and clips to light up their mood really make differences. Promotional links are great, but they are the content promotion of the yesteryears. Social selling is the key these days. Give users sandwiches if they want it, but don’t forget to make your salamis and spreads hearty and fulfilling.

Embed the links on the catchiest and subtlest content to make it organically engaging.

  • Know Your Target Audience Well

A perfect conversational type of social selling is a fruit of knowing your target market (or audience) well. This is connected to number 2. Only when you know to which content your market responds well, is when you can be able to deliver the right message and posts that will resonate with them.  Remember, different market, different behavior. And different platform creates different sets of audiences with different behavior as well. If you will put that together, you can single out that niche audience perfect for your brand.

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  • Track Your Traffic

It is like aimlessly wandering around a big park if you are not abreast with your performance. Keeping track of how your content performs gives you the knowledge on ways to improve your next postings to make it more engaging and appealing to win more conversions.

  • Leverage on Relationship Marketing

You cannot win on your own. That is for sure. Even if you have the most potent product out there, or the best service yet, you cannot achieve the sweet success if your target audience does not know you. And that is where the help of other people or influencers come in.

You can form ties with communities and groups online who are directly involved with the use of your brand. They can be your brand ambassadors. They will serve as your key influencers who will subtly do content promotion to your prospects. You know how people love reviews from other users right? Word of mouth, even online, is a hundredfold more effective than branded or sponsored content.

  • Always Keep It Simple for Your Audience

Your audience online is not hermits who are blessed with enormous patience. They are decisive, but they get easily displeased and walks away when it takes a lot of their precious time. So when you are running promos on social media, always bear it in mind to make easy for them to sign-in and even to log-pout. Make the process short and simple for everyone to understand. Don’t make it intimidating for everyone. This way you are encouraging users to take more actions.



Always keep in mind that the center of all your social media marketing efforts is your target audience. Everything revolves around them, what they want to see, what they love to click, and how easy it is for them to take an action.

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