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5 Pinoy-Made Apps You Need to Download Now

Smartphones have changed the way we use our mobile phones. Now our phones are not just for texting and calling, but it has also become essential in the way we interact and transact in our day to day lives. Mobile applications have allowed us to pay for goods through e-wallet apps, book transportations, and even shop through our apps.

While most of the apps we enjoy are foreign-made, Pinoy-made apps didn’t fall far behind. Pinoy-made apps were customized to make our lives easier. From an app that aims to make your commute life more convenient, to a gaming-app that wants to entertain you during lunch time, here are 5 Pinoy-made apps you need installed on your phone. app is probably every commuters best friend. allows every commuter to navigate through the city via different public transportations. They show various modes of transportations trains, buses, jeepneys, P2P, UV express, shuttles, and even the Pasig River Ferry. Once you’ve downloaded the app, all you have to do is input your current location and your destination. will then show you all the different modes of transportation and routes you can take, including the travel time, and cost of travel. It’s also available on both Apple app store and Google Playstore. Commuting has never been this easy with

Paydro Live

You better brush up on your general knowledge because this app will test you to your limits. Unlike other trivia game apps, Paydro is more involved as it has a livestream host who asks the question. The game goes live every day at 12:30 PM. All you have to do is answer the trivia question within a given time, and if you are one of the lucky winners who is able to answer all questions, you get to split the grand prize with other winners in the end. The average prize is around 20,000 – 35,000 per game but in the past, it has reached up to Php 200,000, and an even bigger prize of Php 1,000,000 if they are able to reach 100,000 players in one game.


With LawJuan, you’ve literally got the law in the palm of your hands. This app provides lawyers, legal researchers, legislators, and the law enthusiast in you, access to over 15,000 laws of the republic of the Philippines. You can even access the files even without any internet connection. Whether you need help studying for an exam or just want to familiarize yourself with our laws, LawJuan is a must-download app for everyJuan!

Project Noah

The weather can be crazy here in the Philippines; one time it’s crazy hot and the next it’s raining like there’s no tomorrow. Good thing there’s an app that can help you monitor weather disturbances so you can plan out your day ahead. Project Noah allows you to get updates on rain and weather outlooks for different local cities.

Looloo Philippines

Tired of eating at the same old place? No matter how much you love eating at your favorite restaurant, you have to admit that sometimes you’ll want to go at some place new. Looloo Philippines was made to help you explore new places that you’ll love. This app isn’t just for the food lovers- it’s for everyone. You can explore new restaurants, gimik-spots, bars, and all other top-rated places in the Metro. You can also review places so you can let other people know how awesome that place is. While recommending a place to your friend can earn you credits and points that you can use to further enjoy your time.

Got an awesome and crazy app idea? We can help you turn your ideas into reality. Simply shoot us a message at or you may also call us at (02) 490-0000.

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