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Shared or Dedicated Hosting: Which one’s ideal for your business?

A good hosting provider should be able to provide you with a reliable, top-performing, and stable website. Essentially, web hosting is where you store all files that you upload on your website.  You need to find the right hosting package for your website because if not, there is a tendency that it will overload. And if your hosting server is down, so is your website. So how exactly do you know which type of hosting package you need for your website? Will you be needing a shared or dedicated hosting plan? Here are some things to consider:

Shared web hosting

With shared web hosting, a certain number of users or organizations share one physical server. Each of them has an assigned amount of disk space and bandwidth that they can utilize. This type of hosting plan is a popular choice for its cost-effectiveness as it is much cheaper than the dedicated web hosting. Even though everyone in a shared web hosting server shares the resources, they cannot access each other’s accounts or websites so it ensures data safety and security.

Imagine living in a condominium, shared hosting would be you renting a unit on the second floor with other tenants. And you’re all sharing one elevator access to go to your respective units. One con for this is since you have a shared elevator, other tenants might be using the elevator more than you do so you take more time to reach your unit or your data might take more time to load for your website. You should go to a hosting provider who knows how to properly manage their shared hosting servers so the bandwidth is equally distributed amongst “tenants”.

Ideal for who?

  • Small to medium enterprises
  • Personal bloggers
  • Websites with less than 20,000 visitors per month.

What’s also important for these types of websites is that they are able to update the content frequently. This type of hosting plan should be enough for your website as it does not require any customized server configurations or complex technicalities on its features.

Dedicated server hosting

For this hosting plan, your website is the sole owner of a physical server. This means that all of the disk space and bandwidth of that particular server is all yours. The good thing about having a dedicated server is that you have a full control and flexibility on customizing your server and choosing your software so you can adjust your website based on its requirements.

Using the condominium analogy again, a dedicated server is like renting the whole floor of a condominium where you have access to a private elevator. You have the freedom to use that elevator however many times you want to use it in a day.

Ideal for who?

  • Corporate websites with hi-res videos and images
  • E-Commerce websites with a thousand plus expected web traffic
  • News portal websites that upload multiple daily content

Although it is much more expensive compared to a shared hosting server, this type of hosting entitles you to your own unique IP address. Moreover, this type of plan is perfect for businesses that handle extremely sensitive transactions and requires enhanced security features or specifications.


Now that you have an idea about these two types of hosting plans, it’s time for you to decide based on your requirements. Now if you are looking for the best hosting provider who can provide you with the best reliable hosting services, turn to iManila! We can provide both shared web hosting and dedicated web hosting services for your website! Our hosting plans are affordable yet guarantees 99.95% uptime and availability. Check out our plans here.

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