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Why Online Ads are the New Titan

We’re so used to seeing an advertisement that runs down the lengths of buildings along the most traversed roads in the Metro. Enormous billboards and even LED walls towering over us in all their titan glory.

But sometimes, titans lose their strength. After all, nothing is forever.

No one can deny that these billboards eat up the attention of anyone who lay eyes on their monstrosity. But billboards are only as good as the next one.

Out of sight, out of mind, right?

But the Internet is predominant, which only makes it a perfect avenue for advertisement.

Online advertising is the fastest growing marketing channel which uses the world wide web to deliver promotional messages in various digital formats. These formats range from search engine marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, mobile advertising, and display advertising.

We’ve outlined all of the reasons why online advertising should be part of your marketing campaign:


Online ads let you customize your target audience. In this day and age when everyone is always online, you can easily target your customers wherever they are. With online ads, you can also “filter” out your reach based on your preference. This is an assurance that your products and services are getting to the right audience who have a higher chance of buying your products or availing of your services. Closing a sale? You can bet on it.


Marketing online is generally much cheaper than traditional advertising approaches. With online ads, you can reach as much engagement as your budget allows you. Online marketing platforms enable you to calibrate your ad according to your audience targeting and budget so you can be assured that your campaign is always maximized. This gives you an initial overview of how many people you can “reach” with your ad, giving you an idea of how much you can expect to turn into leads.


The Internet is a huge place. And at present, more and more people are spending a considerable amount of time on it. From SMEs to large enterprises, everyone’s expanding their reach and creating brand awareness through various online marketing platforms. Just look at the number of online retail stores who’ve successfully built their businesses from their social media channels alone.


Among the many advantages of digital marketing, is its ability to directly connect and let you communicate with your target audience.  With TV, radio, newspaper, and billboards, one can just merely see and grasp your message but cannot respond to it right away – a situation that online advertisement has managed to solve. The Web is such an interactive space. Information and ideas can get passed on in a matter of minutes regardless of distance or time zones.

Utilizing the vast amount of Internet users and the time all these people spend online is what a lot of marketers today are aiming to do as part of their individual marketing strategies.

The Internet is universal. Use it to your business’ advantage.

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See you online!

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