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Hire Web Developers or Use DIY Web Builders

Hire Web Developers or Use DIY Web Builders?

“Should I hire a web developer or should I just do it myself?”

The rise of DIY web builders is undeniable. In fact, some DIY web builders even claim that you can create your website in under just 5 minutes. This trend makes it tempting to go rogue on your website and just wing it instead of hiring professionals. Sure, it is your choice to make, and we have no problem with that.  But the question is…

Which is really the right path for your website? Here are a few things you can consider when starting a website:


To be honest, hiring a web development company can be costly.  After all, these are professionals who studied and honed their skills through years of experience. You simply tell them your ideas and vision and they will craft it for you, sometimes, even suggest ideas that can make your website even better.

Design & Function

Visualize your website. Are you fine with generic themes you can find online or do you want something made custom for your brand? Using web builders give you an array of options to choose from. You can pick a theme you like and voila – you’re a step away from launching your website. However, professional web developers tailor their designs depending on how their client wants it – making it unique compared to the thousands of other websites out there! (You may also want to read: What Makes A Good Web Design!)

Another important thing to consider is the features you want to integrate into your website. Think about the features you would like your website to have. People who only want a website for their blogs often do it themselves. But, people who are starting a business or expanding their business online prefer to hire web developers as there are certain functions that are just too complicated for someone to do on their own. 

Domain & Hosting

Now here’s the more complicated stuff. When building a website, you need a domain name and a hosting account to make everything work. A domain name is your website’s address on the internet, whereas, a hosting account is where your website (including files and data) is stored. You can do it all your own through research OR find a company that can package everything for you. 

But, if you have the budget and aren’t fond of the idea of doing all the work yourself or just don’t have the time to create your website, you can simply just call a web development company. A lot of companies still find it best to trust the professionals, especially when it comes to building a custom website for you or your business.


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