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what makes a good web design

What Makes a Good Website Design?

Good website design will never go out of trend. It’s not just about using beautiful graphics and a good color palette that matches your brand – a properly designed website should most importantly be functional

Form + Function

Structure, graphics, and layout are all essential parts of a website’s design. These things make up the website’s “form”, and what a visitor usually sees upon first glance of a website.  

Elements of the  “form” aspect of a website are always made with a purpose. The main purpose should always be about considering the user. The first few things that a good website designer should look into is how to make your website user-friendly, and make it easier for users to navigate around your website. This means that all graphics, photos, contents and the overall layout of the website should appeal to your consumer’s online behavior and preferences. 

Function, on the other hand, is how the elements of the form operate. When the form operates according to its predetermined function, only then can we truly say that we have a great design!

Why does this all matter?

Good website design will always make you win customers online. Why? Users, consumers, buyers, customers just simply benefit from it. Having a greatly designed website not only allows visitors to get the information they need, but it also allows them to easily find what they’re looking for. Websites with a great design and user interface attract online visitors to keep coming back for more. Not only does a great website increase a company’s reputation online but it also sustains a good user base, which increases your website’s visibility and ranking on search engines. In short, having a great website can not only change a consumer’s mind about your brand, but it also pumps up your online visibility organically in search engines. 

As a final note – a new and well-designed website is not just something your company can be proud of, but especially in this day and age filled with so many distractions – now more than ever you need a website that will be able to catch AND keep your consumers’ attention! 

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what makes a good web design

What Makes a Good Website Design?

Good website design will never go out of trend. It’s not just about using beautiful graphics and a good color…

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