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microsoft office 365 vs g suite

Microsoft Office 365 vs. G Suite

Many companies have dealt with this common question – “What should I use? Microsoft 365 or G Suite?”

With most of us relying on technology to monitor and run our businesses, apps like Microsoft Office, Gmail, and Google Docs are quite common. However, the dilemma falls on whether you should subscribe and get both? Or better yet, what is best for your business?

Here, let us walk you through on a quick comparison between Microsoft 365 and G Suite:

Microsoft 365

Formerly launched as Office 365, tech powerhouse Microsoft has rebranded their Office Suite to Microsoft 365 last April 21, 2020. 

With business plans starting at $5.00/user per month to $20.00/user per month (charged annually), Microsoft 365 offers cloud solutions from storage, collaboration (Teams), and a bundle of their well-known apps such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, and OneDrive, that can be used on various platforms from PC, web, and mobile. Access to apps varies depending on your subscription, so it offers flexibility for business owners to choose a plan that fits their work processes better. 

Microsoft 365 also offers Home Plans from a $149.99 one-time purchase plan that includes the classic versions of the Office apps for one 1 PC or Mac, to monthly plans that range from $69.99 (Personal) to $99.99 (Family) annually that already includes Cloud storage, access to Microsoft Premium apps and advanced security for your devices.

G Suite

Known for its business solutions such as Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides, G Suite provides various apps for productivity and collaboration ideal for both business and personal use alike. 

Initially released in 2006, G Suite offers real-time collaboration with its cloud-based solutions, which has been ideal for businesses and educational use. 

Monthly plans start at $4.20/month (Basic) to $25/month that includes access to a Gmail Business email, Google Meet, Cloud Storage, Sheets, Doc, Slides, to name a few. Inclusions vary per plan, but all plans include 24/7 standard support and Admin Security and administration controls. 

As the leading choice for office and productivity applications, choosing between Microsoft 365 and G Suite boils down to how well you know your company’s needs and your priorities. G Suite’s Gmail platform is trusted by many companies globally, while Microsoft’s Office apps are a staple for business operations. 

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microsoft office 365 vs g suite

Microsoft Office 365 vs. G Suite

Many companies have dealt with this common question – “What should I use? Microsoft 365 or G Suite?” With most…

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