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Set your business for success in 2021 with iManila

The New Year is the best time to do something new. For businesses, this also holds true as there is no better time to finally set new goals to help grow your business for success. The past year has seen a growth of many small to medium businesses amidst the pandemic and found success because of the contact-less nature of going digital. For those that have not yet tried exploring digital channels to better promote their brand, then now is the best time to explore new territory. 

We know how scary it can be to try out these new digital channels but that is why we’re here to help. iManila is a web development and digital marketing agency with more than 20 years of experience in providing quality solutions to its clients. We help businesses meet their goals through our strategic digital marketing campaigns that lets them reach more customers, build their presence online, and more. Discover here some of the popular services the past year that helped our clients find success that could also be your match this 2021. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

To those not familiar of Search Engine Optimization, it is all about being discoverable in Google or any search engine when users do their searching. The goal for SEO is to get your brand at the top so it is seen by the most people. With how the modern consumer does their purchasing by doing their own research before buying, it becomes clear why SEO is really popular. 

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) 

The other half of what you find on search engine results pages are the paid ads. Often called pay-per-click ads, this is another way to get your brand at the top of the results pages. Google Ads let you expand your reach online through either Search, Display, Video, Mobile or Shopping Ads. iManila is a recognized Google Partner, meaning our team is equipped with the latest knowledge on how to execute campaigns that produce the best results. 

Social Media Management

Having social media presence means that you are opening your brand up to a channel most of your customers are familiar with. This is a great potential to not just reach new consumers who may be interested in what you have to offer, but also to engage with your existing customers and keep them coming back. A unique feature that sets social media apart from these other channels is the two-way nature it provides that lets you immediately see their reactions and responses. With the right campaigns, we can turn social media users to your loyal brand followers. 

Social Media Ads 

This is another way you can gain presence on social media, by boosting relevant content on various social media platforms. Choosing the right facebook AD objective for your business is a great way to reach new customers in social media especially when your brand is relatively new without a solid following yet. iManila is also a  recognized Facebook Managed Agency Partner, meaning that our team is also equipped with the latest skills to execute successful and advanced ad campaigns according to the clients’ different objectives.

Content Marketing

Content is king. With information easily accessible everywhere, it can be hard to sell your products and services amidst all the noise. But by offering the right and relevant content to your target market, you are able to capture their attention. This is you telling them you know about things that they are interested in and care about. Customers love knowing information and would love knowing more about your brand and the right content marketing campaign can unlock success for your business. 

Email Marketing

Email is still a channel used for marketing. This is great for brand recall among those who already interacted with your brand and to enhance customer loyalty. There are many different ways to personalize content so that it can still be timely and relevant to your customers. 

Web Design

We believe that a well-designed website is still one of the most valuable marketing strategies. A website is still the “face” of your business online and can work together with your other online channels in boosting your overall presence. iManila can help design a website for any function depending on your business needs whether it be informative, built for E-Commerce, or for a catalogue. With each website we ensure that it is not just functional and aesthetically pleasing, but can also be a website that can help boost your visibility online, empowering your business. We go through a meticulous process in designing and developing your website in ensuring that it is something that is built to last. 

From all corners of the digital space, iManila has got you covered. Look no further for a partner agency that can help take your 2021 business goals to fruition. If these sound like something you want for your business, get in touch with us and see how we can work together!

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