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Benefits of Email Hosting Solutions for your Business

Email is a major technique and tool of effective communication for your business’ growth. An effective email hosting plan will not only boost the credibility of your business but will also help build your brand identity.

Email hosting is a service in which a hosting provider rents out servers to its users. It is a service in which your email messages and associated files are all stored on a server. There are a lot of versions available from different hosting companies to take advantage of the flexibility and power of professional email services.

Here are some major benefits of getting email hosting services for your business:


Email hosting keeps your sensitive data safe and protected. Dedicated email hosts also offer the capability to backup all your emails as well as offer spam protection and security measures to prevent any hack-attacks. A service provider ensures spam free emails in your inbox as they efficiently block spam and malware.

Secure email hosting services will prepare your mail servers to do industry-standard encryption of data, ensuring that the data sent to or from the server is encrypted and protected.

Easy Management and Enhanced Performance

Setup and manage as many email accounts as you like that’s convenient for you and your staff. Using email hosting plans ensures the productivity of your company since you can seamlessly interact with your clients and suppliers in or out of the organization.

There are different ways wherein you can choose how you can receive and convey emails that come under the domain name of your company. Email hosting also makes you enjoy customized storage space.

Establish Authority and Trust

Build the authority of your business with email hosting. People are more likely to trust emails that come from reliable mails. For example, which email address are you more likely to trust? [email protected] or simply [email protected]? It’s obvious that the paid version of your email domain will be more likely to be trusted.

The business email hosting benefit is that it lets you get your professional account linked with the domain name of your company. Connecting with your customers and other organizations with the use of a professional email address and even the logo of your company on your account or your email footer creates a reliable, trustworthy and stronger image for your business.

Guaranteed Up-Time

A trustworthy email hosting provider can ensure a guaranteed up-time so you do not encounter any issue regarding your communication with any business partners and clients. There is nothing more devastating than trying to read a mail and browse through the web just to see that your email is lagging. In addition, some email hosting services feature address books, which allows easy retrieval of contacts.

Most email hosts have a 99.9% guaranteed uptime for maximum availability. Using ultra-reliable cloud servers also means that if your website hosting is down, your email hosting will not be affected and you’ll be able to conduct business as usual.

Cost Effective

Getting an email hosting service saves a lot of time and effort for your company and allows you to focus on the more imperative task instead of worrying about its support and ongoing maintenance. Many assume that email hosting requires more expense and that it’s better to build their own email hosting. Keep in mind though that doing this will always require you to have an IT expert on-call, not considering the expensive hardware and software, which will soon lead to more expense.

Once your business starts growing, signing up for a paid email hosting service will save a lot of money in the long term. There are also different kinds of hosting services, which you can learn from through our cloud hosting vs. shared hosting blog. Although you have to pay monthly or annual fees, these types of hosting packages are more affordable compared to the benefits that you will be getting.

When it comes to business emails, there are a couple of options that we recommend. For robust businesses and startups, take a look at  Google Workspace, or formerly G Suite, which offers enterprise-level productivity tools that once subscribed, allows you to access Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar, Drive and more.

Another excellent option that the biggest corporations in the world use on a daily basis is Microsoft 365. M365 or previously known as Office 365 allows access to its suite of applications including software tools such as Microsoft Office and their cloud services, as well as the famous Microsoft Teams and other Microsoft applications. For more information, read through our comparison between Microsoft Office 365 vs. G Suite.

iManila is a top-notch web and hosting provider who can provide reliable hosting services with guaranteed uptime and availability. Add to that the team’s dedicated technical support services and you’re sure to be getting a provider with 25 years of IT experience on its belt.

If you want to get started with email hosting or just simply need someone to help you identify exactly what your company needs, get in touch with us and see how we can work together.

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