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Shared Hosting Benefits: Is It Right for You?

A website hosting service that divides server resources between multiple domains is called Shared Hosting.  With this, your website lives alongside others, which are neighboring users utilizing the same server.  Shared Hosting is best recommended for small websites, brands, and other digital platforms that do not require high bandwidth. It provides minimum features and support, making it the perfect hosting for budget-conscious website owners. 

For starters, choosing between different web hosting services could be a very tough job. Different hosting offers different features and services. One could offer something that the others could not. It is indeed frustrating to determine whether a shared hosting is the right one for you. To simplify things, we have gathered the benefits of shared hosting to give you insights on how these fit you and your business website. 


A huge factor why first-time website owners go for shared hosting is its low cost. A single server’s maintenance costs can be distributed amongst its many users. Since it is shared across multiple website owners, individual costing may be driven down to a smaller cost, making it more cost-effective. In addition, shared hosting gives you the option to eventually upgrade to hosting services that allows you to get more traffic, and greater online presence – of course bigger resources come with higher costs. 


Many business websites first launch their digital platforms with shared hosting because it doesn’t require too much complexity in skills and knowledge to operate. Shared hosting offers plans that provide control panels that are easy to navigate for website management and other pre-installed programs. Server uptime, availability and settings are handled by the hosting provider making it easier for the owner to manage and easily install updates and patches. 

Professionally Managed

Utilizing shared hosting services gives you insurance that your server is well taken care of by the hosting provider, thus ensuring that administrative tasks are functioning accordingly. Aside from being low maintenance, shared hosting provides you professional technical support for network outages, server malfunctions and maintenance, if needed.

Easy Email Hosting

Providing an email associated with your domain is very significant in the web development process. With shared hosting and its built-in cPanel, adding and setting up your email are now easier. You can now run a secure, spam-filtered mail server for your personal or small-business use. This way, you can set up your own disk drive and fully control how your emails are accessed, managed and stored. Aside from emails, you now have control over databases, add-on domains, and more.

Choosing the right web hosting plan can save you lots of time and money. If you don’t need immense bandwidth, memory, computing power, or control, then save your money by going with a shared hosting service.

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