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What Is Web Hosting And How Does It Work?

If you are a new business owner and planning to make a website to sell your products and services online, a web hosting service is definitely needed to help you achieve that goal. Want to know more about web hosting? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Here in this blog, we’ve put together this article to help you understand all about web hosting and the different types you can use.

What is web hosting?

If you’re not familiar with Web Hosting, it is basically a service that gives you permission to publish your website files online. With this, it basically lets online users have access to your website. Depending on your preference, however, it actually has different types you can choose from. 

Types of Web Hosting

Shared Hosting

This is a type of web hosting where you can host a number of websites on the same server. Shared Hosting is definitely an affordable form of hosting because you share the same server, so you split costs. So, if you are just a start-up business, then this is definitely a cost-effective option for you.

WordPress Hosting

As the name suggests, WordPress basically means hosting that is specifically optimized for WordPress on a server level to ensure smooth sailing. With that said, however, the WordPress Hosting packages vary among different providers. Here are some of the services they might have: 

  • Auto-mitigation
  • Visitor overage protection
  • Pre-screened plugins
  • Google blacklist monitoring and removal
  • Advanced security monitoring
  • Automatic backup to a secure cloud
  • Safeguard against system crashes
  • Your backup copies within your reach

VPS Hosting

Also known as Virtual Private Server, this is a service that is similar to shared hosting. Basically,  websites that run on VPS also share a physical server with other websites. The only difference is that with shared hosting, you get a package already configured and ready to use, limiting your customization options, while with VPS you’re free to set it up however you want.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting is a type of web hosting service that gives you full control of the server. Moreover, it also gives you access like a VPS, but you don’t have to share the server with other sites or apps. Overall, it is a type of remote server that is dedicated to an entire customer and functions as an in-house server but is owned and operated remotely.

Cloud Hosting

Compared to other types of hosting, this is the latest and most popular service that business owners use nowadays. One of the main premises behind cloud hosting is its “Divide and Rule” concept. This basically means that the resources of your website are spread across a cluster of servers that work together which we call “the cloud.”

Moreover, through the use of the Cloud, your website is hosted on several servers connected to work together. This gives owners the ability to handle high spikes in traffic and virtually minimize their downtime.

With tons of benefits that web hosting provides, it’s definitely worth trying if you want to grow your business. Not only does this service help you boost your website visibility, but it also helps you build trust and long-lasting relationships with your customers as well. Let iManila help you get started!

With 26 years of experience in the industry and an IT company at its core, iManila – a digital marketing agency, having been one of the first Internet Service Providers in the Philippines, is committed to providing our clients with innovative online marketing services in the Philippines that can help convert your website visitors into quality leads or potential customers. 

As one of the best web hosting providers in the Philippines, iManila is also a full-service business web development company and digital marketing agency in the Philippines ready to help you with your web design and development, web hosting provider, email hosting, technical support, and digital marketing services needs. Work together with top advertising companies in the Philippines like iManila and make your brand goals become reality. Talk to us!

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