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New Year's Resolutions for every E-Commerce Business

New Year’s Resolutions for every E-Commerce Business

No matter how successful your business is today, there can always be room for improvement in the years to come. This is why we have made a few New Year’s resolutions to help improve your e-commerce business website. Take a look at some of the tips that your business might want to try to adapt for 2023:

Reply to customers within 24 hours

For this new year, commit to better customer service. By this, make it a habit to visit your inbox everyday and attend to your customers’ concerns. Remember, the buying process doesn’t just end at check out. Your team must understand the level of concern for each customer too. For instance, if one of them has a major concern or issue with your products, at least let them know when they can expect a reply.

Incorporate sustainability in your packaging materials

With climate change and global warming getting worse, consumers nowadays are doing their best to mitigate the causes that they can possibly contribute. Hence, they are patronizing businesses that incorporate sustainability in their operation. As an online business owner, you can incorporate sustainability through switching to eco-friendly packaging materials. There are a lot of available options right now in the market that are made from recyclable materials or are less harmful to the environment.

Give rewards to loyal customers

If you had a loyal customer for years, it would be nice to let them know that you are grateful for their support during this new year. You can offer them promos like free shipping, a freebie, or a discount. Remember, being thankful for your long-time clients won’t make you go bankrupt.

Make your customers’ lives easier

People opt to purchase online for convenience. Make sure to make every step of your customer’s buying process as easy and convenient as possible. Improve your company’s system this 2023. Accelerating your shipping process, implementing single-click payment, and simplifying your Terms of Service are some good points to start.

Use a new website layout

It’s always a good idea to create a new layout and web design for your site as the new year emerges. Whether you change the color of a sidebar or try a whole new look, it will definitely have an impact on the customers. Ensure that it looks equally good on all screen sizes by consulting a web development team.

Get serious with content

As cliche as it sounds, this 2023, content remains to be the king. Level up your content marketing. Produce more creative contents and commit to a posting schedule. It would be best too to identify the best medium to use for your brand – blogs, podcasts, videos, etc. Nothing beats great content in driving traffic and building relationships with your website visitors. It would also be best if you will invest in a digital marketing agency that can help you with your online marketing strategies like Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

A new year calls for a new beginning. Consider making some changes in your business’ web system and website for the better. Consider a website maintenance service for your business today! For website concerns, let the experts in iManila help you!

With 26 years of experience in the industry and an IT company at its core, iManila, having been one of the first Internet Service Providers in the Philippines, a web development company and a top digital marketing company in the country, is committed to providing our clients with innovative information technology, web, and digital solutions. 

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