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How to import a database using cPanel phpMyAdmin


To import your database, you will need to open it via phpMyAdmin first.

On phpMyAdmin all you will need to do is select your desired database and to press Import:

Choose a file which is .sql or format:

Proceed further without changing anything on the settings and click Go.


Incorrect format parameter

When importing a database make sure your file’s format is .sql, you can also import a compressed .sql file with these compression types: gzip, bzip2, zip (for example, This error might also indicate a corrupted database file.

Command denied to user

If you see this error, it means that your database user doesn’t have enough permissions to import the database. To fix it,open MySQL Databases -> Your user -> Manage user privileges. Make sure that permissions are set correctly (by default all checkmarks should be added):

Access is denied. You need the SUPER privilege for this operation

This error means that your database includes queries that require SUPER privileges to be executed. In this case, double-check your .sql file if such queries can be removed. After you remove them through any text editor of your choice, importing the database will be possible.

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