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How to Connect and Upload Backups via FTP

File transfers between computers via the Internet can be done using FTP (File Transfer Protocol). You can safely and reliably upload and download files to and from a remote server, such as your hosting, by using the FTP protocol.

An FTP client is required in order to use FTP. Before moving on to the next steps, make sure you install the client version of FileZilla, since we strongly recommend it.

Connecting to Your Server Using FTP

Open your FileZilla client version and enter the data needed to login to your account. Then click Quickconnect.

Here is your FTP information found on your cPanel account:

  • FTP Host: Your cPanel IP address or Domain
  • User: Your cPanel Username
  • Password: Your cPanel password
  • Port: 21

If an Unknown certificate message appears, check the Always trust this certificate in future sessions option and click OK:

Uploading Backup Files

Open the public_html folder, or the folder you want to put the files to, from the menu on the right side of the screen after logging into your account:

It’s possible that the path to the public_html folder will vary if you have multiple sites under one account.

Select which files or directories you want to upload from the list on the left, then right-click and choose Upload:

An alternative is to just drag the files from your computer into the appropriate FileZilla folder.

When finished, you will be able to view the progress in real time:

Your backup will be fully uploaded once all the files have been transferred.

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