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How to Create a Subdomain

You can extend your domain name using subdomains. With iManila, you can have an unlimited number of subdomains with Cloud and Dedicated Servers and up to 5 with Shared Hosting Services, for example,,,, and so on, if your domain name is

A fully independent website can be created under a subdomain, which lets you build a separate part of your website with its own document directory.

Log into your cPanel account, navigate to the Domains tool, and look for the Domains feature to start the process of creating a subdomain.

Here, you may specify the directory that your subdomain will point to and establish a subdomain with a custom name. Click the Create a New Domain button to get started. Enter the name of your subdomain and remove the checkmark from the Share document root box on the following page. In this case, your subdomain will function independently of the main domain and not as an alias.

You can modify the directory that the system automatically assigns based on the name of the subdomain. Click the Submit button to finish creating the subdomain. Upload your files to the subdomain’s directory so that your newly established subdomain may access your files or new website.

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