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How to Use and What Is EPP Code

The EPP code, which is a secret and distinct string of characters assigned by the domain registrar, is also referred to as an authorization or auth code.

This code serves as a security feature that ensures that only the legitimate owner may transfer a domain, when used with other security measures (such as domain locks). A domain transfer will not be completed if the incorrect EPP code is provided during setup.

Most TLD transfers, including those for .COM, .NET, .ORG, .BIZ, .INFO, .US, and others, require the EPP key.

With iManila, users can find their EPP code by logging in to iRepublic account: (clients may coordinate with our Support Team for their access)

Upon logging in, type in your Domain in the Jump to Domain section and click the button to the right to proceed.

Then, select Domain Secret (1) under Domain Registration to proceed. The EPP code will appear and is ready to be copied and provided to your new domain provider.

Reminder to turn off Theft Protection (2) (if active) prior to sending the EPP code.

Some domains, like.EU or.CO.UK ones, are an exception and use a different code.

Similar to this, you might need to ask your domain provider to supply you with the EPP code directly, as some domain registrars insist that the code not be accessible through the user interface.

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