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How to Manage Your DNS Records

To manage DNS records with iManila, go to Domains > Zone Editor tool of your cPanel account,

Then select Manage:


  • You may also find your domain in this option if it originated elsewhere (not through iManila) but is pointed to iManila via nameservers.
  • The DNS zone management of the external domain is transferred to the provider you referred it to, and it should be administered from there, if nameservers point the domain elsewhere rather than to iManila.

Managing DNS Records

Add Record

To create a new record, click Add Record then enter the values for name, TTL, type, record, (based on record type, you may need to fill in other information as well). Once done, click on Save Record:

Edit or Delete Records

Use the search bar to locate a specific record or go to the whole list of DNS records for your domain, which is located below the add record option.

To the right of the record, you will notice the buttons for editing or deleting it:

  1. Modify the record’s values
  2. Permanently delete a record

Changes to any DNS record start the propagation process, which takes up to 24 hours to complete. The DNS Zone management will move to the setting where you pointed your nameservers if you change the domain’s nameservers to another provider.

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