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How to Remove ‘Deceptive site ahead’ Warning From Website

When using Chrome or your preferred browser, if you encounter a warning on your page that reads “Dangerous site” or “Deceptive site ahead”:

This shows that Google Safe Browsing assessed your website and discovered possibly malicious content. Instead of displaying your website, they show this warning message to keep you and your visitors safe.

If you see this message on your website, your first course of action should be to try to identify the precise cause. This ensures both your visitor’s safety and your hosting account in a functioning state.

You won’t have to worry about virus infections since iManila’s Virus Scanner will help you find and get rid of any dangerous files on your account.
If you wish to manually examine your website or if the Virus Scanner was unable to identify any dangerous files, you may also use the link below as your guide:

Following Google’s official guide, Report Incorrect Phishing Warning to, you can ask for the warning to be removed once you’ve confirmed that your website is safe for users.

After validating that you have deleted the dangerous content, Google will examine your request and remove the warning.

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