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What Will Happen if a Domain Expires

From the time a domain is open for registration until it expires and is finally deleted, it goes through multiple stages, all of which create the domain life cycle. You may prevent losing your domain and keep it operational by being aware of these phases.

The stages that make up this cycle are as follows:


Every domain is initially for sale. Visit our Domain Checker to register a new domain. There, you can look into other choices if your desired name is already taken.


Once you buy a domain and finish the registration process, the domain becomes active. Although certain domain extensions can be registered or renewed for longer periods of time, the minimum active term is one year. If such is the case, you will be given the opportunity to choose the duration when making the purchase.

As long as you renew the domain on time, you are entitled to be the owner of it.


The domain will stop functioning as soon as it expires. Email services will be suspended, and an error message will appear on the website.

Suspension and retrieval are the two probable times during expiration. An expired domain can still be renewed; however, the procedure differs depending on the time frame. Learn more in the following sections:

  • Suspension

By paying the standard renewal fee, the domain name can be reactivated during this phase without running the risk of being deleted. Please be aware that certain TLDs have no grace period and go straight into the retrieval time when they expire. Depending on the TLD, the grace period’s duration might differ.

  • Retrieval Time

The domain enters the retrieval time period when the suspension period expires, or after expiration for domains without a suspension period. In addition to the renewal charge, there is a retrieval fee for the domain.

Some Top Level Domains (TLDs) do not have a retrieval time and, upon expiration (or the suspension period, if relevant), go straight to Pending Deletion. The duration of any retrieval time, if any, is determined by the TLD.

Pending Deletion

Domains enter the pending deletion phase when the retrieval time ends or if they are suspended but are not retrievable. Waiting for a domain to be totally deleted is the only way to get it back.

It can be bought again after it becomes available. Note that anyone will be able to acquire the domain.

You can keep your brand identity and online presence constant by considering these stages and making sure your domain is renewed on time.

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