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An Overview of SSL

SSL, which stands for Secure Sockets Layer, is a security protocol that utilizes advanced encryption to protect sensitive information transmitted over the internet. Its primary function is to establish a secure and encrypted communication channel between a user’s web browser and the server of the website they wish to connect to.

Secured vs. Non-Secured Websites

A padlock icon will appear next to the URL in the address bar of a secured website, making identification easy. The look could change according to the browser you are using.

More specific details about the SSL certificate can be found by clicking on the padlock icon and choosing “Connection is secure“.

In most browsers, however, websites that do not have SSL certificates will be flagged as “Not secure” and display a warning icon.

Does Every Website Need Its Own Certificate?

Domain Validation (DV) certificates, are an excellent choice for securing one domain or subdomain at a time

How to Acquire a Certificate With Your Business Name?

To improve user confidence and security, you can install an Extended Validation (EV) certificate on your website from a reputable vendor. This certificate will show your company’s name in the address bar.

You can protect user information and give visitors to your website confidence by putting SSL encryption into place.

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