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Social Media Platforms Explained: What Suits your Business Type?

With the continuous rise of digital platforms in today’s marketing industry, there is no doubt that more and more businesses are investing on it. Although going digital offers robust opportunities for businesses, it is very important to focus your investment to a platform that would be suitable for your industry.

For example, a business that offers digital multimeters and electrical testers would not be very much effective on Instagram as it targets those people or businesses that needs technical troubleshooting. On the other hand, a clothing apparel will not be suitable for LinkedIn or those platforms that focuses on B2B marketing but may be better off to utilize Facebook and Instagram.

In the long-run, you don’t want to spend and invest a lot of money to a platform that won’t do any good to your business. Hence, this guide will help you identify the different uses of social media platforms and how each of them can be of good tool for your marketing strategies.


Facebook is probably a staple social media platform for every business. Aside from Google ads, businesses are pursuing having an established identity on Facebook. But what does it truly provide for every business? What type of market does Facebook cover?

Facebook actually covers a lot of target market groups. With its versatile purpose and functionality, it has been a great platform for almost every business. For new businesses, creating a Facebook business page is best to raise brand awareness. First of all, it’s free, and second almost everyone has access to Facebook. However, with its many perks comes with a lot of cons. For one is that there may be more competition on Facebook compared to other platforms.


Instagram’s primary purpose is to entice and promote the aesthetic side of a business. As mentioned, it is mostly used by businesses who are selling product goods or items. This platform is mostly used by influencers and famous people. Hence, if your brand or business taps the mass market and you have an influencer strategy, then this social media platform is for you.


With its limited coverage and functionality, mainly, for business and hiring purposes, LinkedIn is mostly used for B2B marketing and business partnerships. If your business taps the market of the decision makers, and top management then this platform is definitely for you!

Establishing a business in today’s digital era requires a lot of work. Even though it provides a convenient approach towards your marketing efforts, it still needs to be thoroughly researched and well-planned. What you need is a trusted digital marketing partner that can guide you in deciding where and how you should invest your money in digital space. iManila can help you with that! For more than 20 years, we have been continuously helping many businesses and brands in reaching their full potential online. Looking forward to have the same experience like them? Then let us be of service for all of your online and digital needs! Contact us now at +632 490 0000 or visit our website at https://imanila.ph/



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