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Why Website Maintenance is a MUST

Every website is an investment. Just like any assets of your business, it has to be taken care of at all times.

Imagine your website as a mall. As an owner, you always make sure that for your grand opening, your mall is fully furnished, houses famous brands, and of course, is well-secured. You have acquired a lot of foot traffic for your first months after opening and there’s a lot of buzz going around about your new mall because of your good advertising. But, do you think your mall will remain the same as time goes by without proper maintenance? Of course not.

This is just almost similar to maintaining a website. In order for it to remain secured, relevant, and well-patronized, maintenance has to be done regularly. Here are three very critical points that you need have to keep an eye on in order to make sure that your website is properly maintained:


Almost every year, a new trend comes up. You have to make sure that your website’s layout is always up to date. This also means that you can change your Call-to-Action button styles, your navigation layout and even the structure of your web pages. You can also add more useful features alongside like Search Bars, Newsletter Sign Ups, or a Chat Bot. You can also check out new plugins that can also optimize user navigation for better user experience.


To retain your organic ranking and visibility across search engines, you also have to maintain the relevance of your website. Updating or adding more contents regularly is something you should prioritize. You have to remember that search engines base your website’s relevance to the amount and the quality of content you are putting in. Paid ads like Google Ads and social media ads can also drive more traffic to your site which can increase your site’s relevance and reputation.


You have to make sure that your website security is insurmountable. With a large number of cybercriminals going around the World Wide Web, a lot of unsecured websites are prone to hacking and other malicious intents. Once your website is affected by this, it can cause grave threats to both your website’s usability, relevance and reliability. Make sure you have an updated SSL certificate attached to your website and always check your website’s backend. 

Maintaining a website requires a lot of time and much effort, but it is something that your company should definitely invest in. Here at iManila, you can pass on to us the responsibility of regularly checking up your website and security. Create your website with us and we will do everything to keep it user-friendly, relevant, and secured. We can give you the best online solutions ranging from web design,  digital marketing and tech support. Our website packages come with website maintenance and a 24/7 reliable Customer Support.

For inquiries, you can email us at or call us at (02)490-0000.

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