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how well are you remarketing your company

How Well Are You Remarketing Your Company?

A study done by Google suggests that 95% of visitors will not convert the first time. Stats like this may seem so scary because for business owners and marketing executives like yourselves, you have to ask the question: “How do I get my consumers to convert or buy?” 

In this day and age, it’s no longer enough to just market your products one time or just for a fixed period of time. The fact of the matter is, with the amount of information going around online, consumers’ attention is constantly being pulled from one direction to another. So how exactly can you persuade your buyers to actually take action and go for the “buy now” button?

The answer can be summed up in one word: remarketing

Gone are the days when you simply market a product and hope to the heavens that your marketing campaign has been seen and/or heard by the right audience. In today’s highly online world, marketing campaigns are a combination of efforts to target new audiences and to remarket or continuously show visibility to potential and previous clients or website visitors. 

Remarketing campaigns are basically designed to show your company and/or your products off to potential customers who have either visited your site or previously used your mobile app. This remarketing type of campaign can easily be applied thru Google Display Ads.

Remarketing campaigns are also akin to the scenario when customers opt into your newsletter. Many companies today religiously send out electronic direct mailers or email newsletters to databases which they have maintained and grew over the years. These databases are considered as goldmines to these companies, who are able to use these precious contact details as a means to market directly to people who they know are already interested in their product or service.

So where will YOU begin with your remarketing? 

  1. Start with an understanding of your remarketing goals. Who exactly do you want to remarket to? Do you want to target existing clients? Do you want to target clients who have abandoned their cart? 
  2. Evaluate your databases. Are they up-to-date? What kind of your clients are your databases composed of? Do you maintain a database? 
  3. What kind of channels should you use to remarket? Are your clients more inclined to open their emails? Are they more inclined to see your Google Ads? 

Getting started seems difficult but once you’ve gotten the hang of it and you’ve seen the results in conversion, then you’d be happy you did it anyway! 

Just take note that every company does remarketing differently. What might work for us may not work for you – so it’s really about putting in the patience of trial and error. But like what we said, if you’re able to figure it out and do it correctly, we’re sure you’ll be happy you did it! 

Scared to give it a try by yourself? Get some experts to help you!

Drop us a message at [email protected] or call us at +632 490 0000. 

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