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Five Facebook Advertising Tips and Tricks

Facebook has been dramatically evolving, updating, and innovating since its inception. This has given many brands and advertisers the worst headaches while at the same time the best successes of their lives, as the platform grows not just to be more complex but to be highly beneficial at the same time.

In this blog, we will show you 10 of the most useful Facebook advertising tips and tricks that will positively improve your Facebook ad campaigns.  

Optimize ads for awareness instead of engagements 

While engagement ads allow you to increase your number of likes, comments, shares, etc., oftentimes it’s not aligned with your goals and most of the time impractical. Brands or advertisers who are fairly new to the field, will mistake engagements to be a sign that the ads are performing. Worst is if the client might be expecting leads, messages, etc., which is a nightmare for any strategist. What they may not know is that the ads optimized for engagements will only dictate Facebook’s machine learning to deliver the ads to people who are most likely to engage and not convert.   

On the other hand, awareness ads bring a more meaningful business outcome. This is because awareness ads are delivered to people who are most likely to remember the ads, not just engage with it. The metric that Facebook uses to measure the success of the campaign is via ad recall. 

You may, however, run these two campaigns at once. You may boost the same ad for engagements and awareness so you can get the amount of engagements that you need while also reaching people who could be your potential consumers.  

Use different ad formats 

Ad formats allow your brand to present your products the way you want it. You have the option to use a single image, carousel ad, instant experience, or collection ad formats.  

Single ad images are mostly utilized for awareness campaigns like brand awareness ads and reach ads. This is oftentimes used in engagements and page likes ads too. This ad format only requires one image but should be optimized in certain ad sizes in respect to the placements such as the feed, story, and marketplace for better performance.  

While the carousel appears to be a catalog presented in boxes, aligned horizontally, which contains your products, a collection ad on the other hand, is like a full on ad experience, where you put a banner and products are seen below it. You may click on the button below the ad so you may view the rest of the catalog. An instant experience can be both. You may customize the format based on your liking while also considering what you offer.  

Align your campaigns with your goals 

Before you select an ad campaign, you should first and foremost clear out your objective. Your goal should be aligned to your campaigns. For example, you shouldn’t run an awareness ad campaign if you are trying to get leads and inquiries. 

You should be transparent and clear about what you want to happen for the campaign. You cannot expect conversions, ad recalls, or engagements all at the same time unless you have the budget to do so. 

Use automatic placements 

Unless you know exactly who your target audiences are, you should use automatic placements. This is located on the ad set level. You may choose to do manual placements if you feel like your ad does not fit on Instagram or if you only want your ads to appear on someone’s feed. This is definitely something you can customize, but again, unless you know and have worked back and forth using those specific placements, you should instead use automatic placements.  

The main reason behind this is that you wouldn’t want to miss any opportunity along the way, especially on your first try. Trust Facebook’s algorithm to bring you the best possible results for your campaigns otherwise, run an A/B test first if you’re pressed for time.  

A/B test creatives or ad graphics  

One of the most important things you should do upon doing your first campaign is testing your creatives. Like others, this is one great factor in your overall performance. You should seek out what creatives work for your audiences and what does not. You should not feed your audiences with the same graphics that they don’t even like. Test and test until you see the results that you want.  

These are only a few of the most important things that you should consider upon setting up your first campaign. Before you delve into the setting up process, gather all our thoughts and create a media plan. Generate sales successfully using social media. If this is something too hard for you to do, get assistance from Facebook advertising experts like iManila to do the job for you. We have highly qualified and certified Facebook Media Buying professionals who you can entrust your campaigns to. With 25 years of experience in the industry and as a certified Digital Agency in the Philippines, iManila is ready to help you with your website development, hosting, digital marketing and technical support needs. Inquire now and message us today!

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