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Is WordPress the Best Website CMS Choice for your Businesses?

If you have a website, then chances are you may have heard of WordPress. WordPress is known as a website builder and a powerful CMS or content management system that is both flexible and easy to use, adding to its immense popularity. Used by many high traffic and popular websites worldwide such as The New Yorker, BBC America, Bloomberg Professional, Sony Music and the Walt Disney Company, just to name a few, WordPress helps support more than 30% of all the websites on the internet. Here’s why you should be using WordPress as your website CMS if you haven’t even considered it yet: 

Easy to use and manage

Not everyone is tech-savvy to know the ins and outs of web development and coding so it is a great plus that WordPres has a built-in updates management system that lets users update themes and plugins through the admin dashboard. WordPress has useful plugins such as a backup plugin that can help protect your data from any hackers or accidents by providing automatic backups and keeping them safe. 

Users will also get notifications when WordPress has new versions which makes updating seamless. With the trend of everything going mobile, WordPress is on top of it by allowing users to manage their site through their mobile apps

Robust security 

Built with security in mind, you can find WordPress to be a safe platform for your website with your data. While it is impossible for any website or even CMS to be completely secure with all of the new threats that arise, WordPress always pushes out updates and security patches to help its users stay ahead of the curve when it comes to keeping themselves secure. Being diligent with these system updates and even theme and plugin updates is one way to be more safe. You can go the extra mile and partner with a website hosting provider who can provide you with added security measures. 

Customization with themes and plugins

There are thousands of available themes and plugins (free and premium) for users to make use of in WordPress. These can fit a variety of websites whether it be an ecommerce site, personal blog, or corporate info site. The best part about this is that you do not need to know how to code to customize themes because they can all be easily edited in the WordPress platform, allowing you to change the colors and images based on your vision for your website. 

For those who wish to have more functionality in their sites such as analytics, contact forms, SEO optimization, or calendar bookings and more, then you would be happy to know that WordPress has a variety of plugins that you can use. With themes that can change up the design of your website to plugins that can add new features and functionalities to your website, you can ensure your website to be aesthetically pleasing and engaging to your website visitors. 

SEO Optimization

Having a good website and good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) go hand in hand. If you have not heard of SEO yet, it is all about ensuring that your website gets the traffic it needs by ranking high on search engines such as Google and Bing. While there are a spectrum of factors that affect your website’s SEO, having the right platform can help give you a better start. 

WordPress has good code which makes search engines like Google love websites that make use of WordPress, leading to much higher ranks in the search engine results pages. With WordPress, you can also use a lot of robust SEO plugins that can make your SEO optimization easier with better results. 

WordPress for any project or use

Long gone are the days that WordPress was only associated with blogging. It has a wide variety of uses now from building a simple infosite for your business, to setting up an e-commerce store, to creating a personal blog, building an online forum, and more. The uses for WordPress are endless! To add to that, WordPress has a lot of tools that can also influence website conversions!

The bottomline is, WordPress makes for an easy all-in-one CMS platform for any kind of website you want to build. Use WordPress alongside the right hosting provider for a seamless and secure website experience. With 25 years of experience in the industry and as a certified Digital Agency in the Philippines, iManila is ready to help you with your web design and development, web hosting, digital marketing and technical support needs. Learn more about how iManila can help you build your WordPress website as well as the available web hosting plans that are perfect for your existing WordPress site. Contact us now to learn more!

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