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Handle Your Social Media Like A Pro With These Techniques!

Social media is almost a must when it comes to establishing your brand’s presence online. In fact, it is the second most popular way to research brands next to search engines. However, having a good social media page is hard to achieve than what people expect.

Social media management takes time, agility, and continuous engagement and posting. Here is what you need to do to handle your brand’s social media pages like a pro. 

Quality over quantity

Just because your competitor is posting every day doesn’t mean you should too. Making sure that each post has a reason to be there and that they are of quality is a must. Moreover, ensure that you create posts with the goal of raising awareness. While it is good to jump on trends for content, create content that can remain relevant. 

Use analytics to guide your posts 

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram all come with native analytics. They help businesses raise awareness of how their posts are doing. Engagement rate is one metric to look out for. This is why you must study the data as it is based on your actual followers. Try to draw insights from it to help you figure out what works for them. 

Social media workflow tools

There are many people working in social media from content creators, to designers, to the person making approvals. There is also more than one account they use. Thankfully there are social media management tools such as Hootsuite that make the planning easier for everyone involved. 

Being able to mass schedule posts is very convenient and will add to your quality of life. Not only that, but these tools help give better insight into your platforms. They even let you compare performance across platforms. 

Add a human touch

It is much easier for people to connect with real people over businesses. Give them something to relate to and try your best to let your human touch show in your posts. Also, try cracking a joke or two, tackle a trending topic, and engage sincerely with your followers especially when dealing with complaints. Things like these remind people that there are people underneath your brand. This will make you look better in the eyes of your followers. 

Social media is not a one-and-done thing that if you find what works, you just stick to it forever. It also takes constant work and close attention to what works and what doesn’t as that constantly changes over time.  Pay attention to your metrics and create content based on what works for your followers.

Digital marketing is a vast umbrella and social media marketing is just one of them. Partner with a top advertising company in the Philippines to help you get started on an effective social media strategy for your brand that helps your other digital marketing channels. 

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