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January 25, 2022 blog

How Can I Get My Website to Rank in Google Search This New Year?

Any business with a website knows the importance of a good rank in Google search. Having a good rank in Google means more chances of capturing potential leads and customers. In the digital age, missing out on the first page means immediately being invisible to the conversation. 

It is not enough to simply have a good product and good customer service as consumers today rely so much on what they see in search engines. Remember, getting good placement on the search engine results page (SERP) can contribute a lot to your business’ success. Here is how you can get your desired ranking for the new year. 


There are many factors that contribute to ranking. Luckily, Google makes use of easy concepts to rank the queries they deem the best. 

The first of these is relevancy — is your website content in line with the keywords that you are targeting? Google makes use of crawlers to check a website and index information on the page from pictures to text, determining what your content is all about. Then, Google matches your website against all the millions of websites it has indexed before. If your content matches the query of the searcher, then your page can rank for that said query. But relevancy is simply not enough as the competition is tight when it comes to the first page. 


Google checks out the interaction of the users on websites in determining patterns of behavior. This is how they determine if people stay on your website or “bounce” and end up leaving your page. What does a high bounce rate mean for your website? It means that while users go to your page after searching a query, they somehow did not like the content that you had to offer or did not find what they are looking for – leading them to leave your page immediately. A good practice is checking your page bounce rate versus your competitor’s for the same keyword — this will let you know what you are doing wrong or right. 

Having relevant and quality content is one of the pillars of good search engine optimization (SEO) as this can influence how long your users stay on your site. Another indicator to look out for is click-through rate (CTR) to see if your site is worth checking out. These are useful popularity indicators to help Google determine if your website should get that boost from them. 

Website performance 

How your website performs and is experienced by users can impact your rank more than you think. Do you use breadcrumb navigation to help make your website easy to navigate? Is your website structured in such a way that your visitors find what they are looking for without scrolling all the way down? Does your website load fast and is mobile responsive? These are things you should consider when it comes to your overall website performance. Google also factors this heavily so it is best to keep your website performing well. 


Authority is all about whether your website communicates that you are the best or expert in your field or niche. Do you offer information that is helpful to your website visitors that they can go back to or share with others? This is why big brands usually end up getting the top spot in most queries. These websites usually have proven already to be thought-leaders in their own niches, with countless backlinks leading back to them.

As a business website owner, make sure that the content that you put on your website always has your customer’s intent in mind to offer them always relevant content. Trying out guest blogging and other link-building efforts can help get your site better authority especially if it’s newly launched.


These are just some of the key factors to consider when getting your website to rank. It can be quite intimidating for a new website owner but it doesn’t have to be if you work with an experienced digital marketing agency in the Philippines such as iManila. See how we can help you with our digital marketing services to help you get your desired rank in Google Search for the new year.

With 25 years of experience in the industry and an IT company at its core, iManila, having been one of the first Internet Service Providers in the Philippines, is committed to providing our clients with innovative online marketing services in the Philippines that can help convert your website visitors into quality leads or potential customers. 

As one of the best web hosting providers in the Philippines, iManila is also a full-service business web development company and digital marketing agency in the Philippines ready to help you with your web design and development, web hosting provider, email hosting, technical support, and digital marketing services needs. Work together with top advertising companies in the Philippines like iManila and make your brand goals become reality. Talk to us!

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