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Here's Why You Should Build Your Website in WordPress

Here’s Why You Should Build Your Website in WordPress

Choosing which Content Management System (CMS) you’ll build your site in is the first and most crucial part of the website development process. This is because everything depends on it, from your website’s appearance and functionality to performance and security. There are a lot of CMS available today but the majority of website owners and developers vouch for one – WordPress. 

WordPress is by far the most popular CMS today. According to W3Techs, it accounts to 810 million websites which is 43% of all websites on the internet in 2022. It is so versatile that you can create any type of website. May it be a blog site, business site, or ecommerce store, WordPress is reliable. Aside from this, people are so fond of it for the following reasons:

WordPress is simple and easy to use

Creating a WordPress website is easy. It doesn’t require much of a learning curve even if you’re a beginner with this CMS in general. All it takes is a theme and one or two plugins to start making pages. It is so straightforward that you can set up your site, create, edit, and publish your content with just a few clicks.

WordPress is an open-source software

Open-Source Software means:

  • It is free. You can create any type of project with WordPress for free, be it for personal or commercial use.
  • It is customizable. WordPress gives you every ounce of freedom to customize the platform the way you want it.

WordPress gives you full control

WordPress is greatly known for its vast options of plugins and themes. To give you a background, themes are templates that will serve as a blueprint of your site. On the other hand, plugins are responsible for your site’s features and functionality. Unlike other CMS, you can find a lot of excellent options for free with WordPress.

WordPress is simple to maintain

You might not be aware, but using WordPress is simple and easy to maintain. It only requires a little bit of work. To break it down for you, here are the things you should pay attention to:

  • Updating the CMS when new versions come out
  • Updating plugins and themes 
  • Managing your site’s comments (if you enable them)
  • Ensuring that your website is fully optimized and secure
  • Backing up your site 

If this sounds a lot to you, you can always opt to hire a web host provider and website development company like iManila. Have the time to focus more on growing your business than worrying about building your website. 

WordPress is here to stay

As mentioned a while ago, WordPress powers a massive number of websites. This number grows wildly everyday, globally. With a lot of people using the platform, there’s an assurance that developers aren’t going to stop developing it any time soon. You can have the confidence that you’ll always have access to updates that can improve the security and functionality of your website.

WordPress has a lot to offer. If you’re ready to give it a go, talk to the experts at iManila!

With 27 years of experience in the industry and an IT company at its core, iManila, having been one of the first Internet Service Providers in the Philippines, a web development company and a top digital marketing company in the country, is committed to providing our clients with innovative information technology, web, and digital solutions.
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