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Guaranteed Techniques to Boost SEO This Year

Guaranteed Techniques to Boost SEO This Year

As we have witnessed, Google has rolled out a staggering number of updates over the course of the years. This ties into their pursuit to defeat black hat search engine optimization (SEO) tactics and improve the search engine results pages (SERPs). By this, they are in the effort to emphasize quality content, optimal page speed, and mobile SEO. So, what does this imply in terms of your 2023 SEO strategy? 

Keep up or be left in 2022. Follow these best practices that we have put together to get your site sailing through the SERPs this year.

Produce video content

Video is one of the most effective forms of content to engage your audience. In fact, it has made its way to dominate almost all social media platforms, giving the highest ROI among other media formats.

If you want to increase your visibility in SERPs, focus on creating video content that people actually want to see. Invest heavily in it to stand out among the sea of video content on the internet today.

Optimize content for voice search

The emergence and growing popularity of voice assistants globally has forced brands to adopt and capitalize from this innovative practice. With over 4 billion devices worldwide using voice search, not optimizing your content for this is a huge missed opportunity.

While there are a number of important aspects to voice search optimization, featured snippets are the most crucial SEO component. A featured snippet is a search result that Google specifically selects as the best response to a user’s query. It’s the one that appears at the top of the search results page. Optimize your content’s featured snippet for voice search to increase its chances to appear in Search Engine Results’ Pages (at the top even!)

Recycle and repurpose content for different platforms

Repurposing content entails recycling it for use across a variety of channels. For instance, shortening a lengthy Youtube video into a 15-second Tiktok clip as a teaser is one idea. It’s a creative way for brands to come up with new content and help reach a wide range of people who prefer different media formats.

Other ways of recycling content includes turning a blog post or article into a video, and transcribing a podcast into a blog post. It is up to your creativity, really. Just make sure that the style of your content is appropriate for the channel you want to use. 

Optimize your site and improve user experience

Let’s not forget that a successful SEO content strategy is built on the fundamentals of SEO. Therefore, optimizing your business website is crucial. Conduct a website maintenance and check your metadata, update canonicals, optimize page speed and load times, design mobile-friendly page layouts, and implement structured data. These are all important in SEO and constitute a positive user experience.

Also, making your website mobile-responsive is now a must! As 2022 data shows, mobile traffic made up almost 60% of all traffic worldwide. And for the foreseeable future, mobile is expected to be more popular than desktop. This 2023, aim to provide your website visitors a seamless mobile experience.

Keep an eye on Google’s algorithm

Google is always changing its algorithms to give the best results for every user’s search. These updates can greatly affect your SEO and content strategies. It would be better to be attentive and vigilant so you could maneuver your strategies as quickly as possible.

Google algorithm update is inevitable like some sort of force of nature. We cannot do anything but keep up with it.

With everything that has been said, we wish everyone good luck in boosting your SEO this year. If you need further assistance or are looking for help with your content marketing (to start), let the experts in iManila help!

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