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7 Unique Features of Cloud Hosting You Should Know About

Traditionally, when it comes to hosting solutions there were only two major options people go for. These are the affordable Shared Hosting and the powerful yet expensive Dedicated Hosting. But with the advent of virtualization, the web hosting sector developed Virtual Private Servers. And with the evolution of the cloud and the applications of cloud to hosting, Cloud Server Hosting came to life.

Cloud Hosting allows applications and websites to be accessible using cloud resources. In this hosting set-up, solutions are not installed on a single server, as opposed to traditional ones. Instead, the application or website is hosted on a network of connected virtual and physical cloud servers, ensuring greater adaptability, security, and scalability.

Being the latest and most innovative web hosting solution, Cloud Hosting has a lot to offer. Read further as we uncover seven unique features of Cloud Hosting!

High on security 

First and foremost, hosting your site to a cloud server guarantees your data’s protection from accidental loss and malicious activity. And since it’s in a cloud server, you are also safe from disasters like fire, floods, and earthquakes. In addition, with a Cloud Hosting solution, your data is handled and taken care of by experienced IT professionals. They install interconnected security tools, acquire needed resources, and offer additional security layers all just to keep your data safe.


As mentioned earlier, in a cloud set-up, your site is hosted on multiple servers. If something happens to one of the servers, a backup will take over without causing any downtime to your site. Also, in the event of data loss, it’s easy to get your data back since it is duplicated and stored in multiple servers.

Low exposure to cyber threats

With a Cloud Hosting solution, even if one of the servers is under attack, your data will not be at risk. This is because it has been distributed between multiple servers. Additionally, since your data is constantly moving from one server to another, it would be impossible to plan a hack.

Faster website speed and performance

Again, since your site is hosted on multiple servers, there is an instant increase in your site’s capacity. You can add a lot of images and features without slowing your load speed. Also, having multiple servers balances out the pressure or demand of a single servers’ resources giving your site better performance.

Easy to scale server resources

Scaling refers to upgrading or downgrading your servers’ capacity (RAM, storage, CPU core, etc.). For instance, your website will grow and receive huge traffic. When this happens, you will be needing more resources. With cloud hosting, it is easy, simple, and takes just a couple of minutes to upgrade.

Simple to use and manage

With everything that is happening on a cloud host – multiple servers, constant movement and mirroring of data, and so on – it can be overwhelming. However, none of these are something you should worry about. All complexities are handled by the hosting company. Usually, you will just be given an easy to use software like cPanel where you can manage your site. This software is designed for non-tech savvy so even if you’re new to Cloud Hosting, you can still manage it.

Exceptional website uptime

In a traditional hosting where your site is hosted on a single server, when that server goes down, your site goes down as well. It’ll not just cause downtime but will also affect your SEO and lowers your ranking in the search results page. However, when you are hosted in a multiple server like in a Cloud Hosting, you can expect 99% uptime. A non-functioning server will not really affect you.

Cloud hosting is gaining popularity for several good reasons. Aside from its great features, it is affordable. If you are ready to give Cloud Hosting a try, make sure to get it from the best web hosting provider in the Philippines, iManila!

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