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The Importance of Server Management in Your Business' Success

The Importance of Server Management in Your Business’ Success

In today’s online platforms, server management plays a big role for any business that works with computers. As we already know, servers are responsible for storing and sharing of important files, and hosting applications, among others. With this, having the right personnel to manage your server is important in order for businesses to increase their productivity. Learn more about server management here in this blog.

What is server management?

As the name states, server management basically involves the monitoring and maintenance of the IT system’s hardware and software. It also helps with its security and backups in order to keep the IT environment operational and working effectively. Some of the main objectives of Server Management include:

  • Preventing server slowdowns and downtime while maximizing reliability
  • Helping secure server environments
  • Helping scale servers and related operations to meet the needs of the organization

Basic functions of server management

Now that we’ve tackled what server management is, let’s take a closer look at some of the basic functions of this service:


  • Server Provisioning


Server provisioning refers to the process of providing a server with the necessary elements and components needed to perform its intended functions. This process usually begins with gathering information about the server’s expected purpose. Afterwards, the IT specialist will set up the operating system that will control the server and install required softwares to meet the intended functionalities. 


  • Performance Monitoring


IT specialists monitor all the components and software that are performing during day-to-day operations. Some of the functions include checking for any downtime, unexpected issues, etc.


  • Updates


As the name suggests, this server software as well as the operating system receives updates to add new features, improve the existing features, work on issues that may arise, and many more. Overall, this helps keep the software up to date and is an essential part of server management.


  • Server Security


This server management service functions as a way to secure all the data in the server. The IT specialists usually install security monitoring programs to know whether there is a breach in the server. These can result in data leak prevention to unwanted users.


  • Backup & Restoration


Another key component of a server management service is backup and restoration. This keeps your system backed up with several restoration points. For instance, if an unexpected outage happens, you can restore your data and track down the cause of the issue.

In order to do everything mentioned above, aside from expertise you will be needing tools such as softwares. These tools are costly and have a huge learning curve to begin with. It would be best to just hire a team that has both expertise and tools like the experts in iManila!

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