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How to Prevent Your Email from Going to Spam Folder of the Recipient

Sending emails which end up in the spam emails of recipients can happen for several reasons:

  • Specific DNS records are missing from your domain’s DNS zone
  • Something about your article seems like spam.
  • You send emails via an unsecure method.

You can prevent your emails from being marked as spam by following the below recommendations:

Identify messages as “Not spam”

The problem will be resolved on the receiver’s end using this solution. You have the option of asking the people you’ve emailed to mark your emails as not spam. Emails from you won’t show up in their spam folder until they’ve completed that.

Add DNS Verification

Two specific DNS records are used to verify email:

  1. SPF (stands for Sender Policy Framework) record allows domain owners to specify which email servers are authorized to send emails on their behalf
  2. DKIM (stands for DomainKeys Identified Mail) record is used for signing and verifying the authenticity of emails: it involves adding a digital signature to outgoing emails that the recipient’s email server can verify

These two TXT entries need to be added to the DNS zone for your domain. The SPF and DKIM record values vary based on each email service provider.

Check your Email Deliverability

At times, the email is not even delivered to the recipient—rather than ending up in spam.

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