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WHM Server Information


This interface displays information about your hardware configuration, such as the speed of your processor.

Server Information

The interface displays the server’s information in the following six sections:

  • Processor Information — This section displays specific information about your processor, which includes the vendor, the type of processor, speed, and cache size.
  • Memory Information — This section displays information about your server’s RAM consumption.
    Note:Red Hat® systems may display the following message under the Memory Information heading: Memory for crash kernel (0x0 to 0x0) notwithin permissible range. This is a common error that you can safely ignore.
  • System Information — This section displays your server’s operating platform (for example, Linux), hostname, manufacture date, and chipset.
  • Physical Disks — This section displays information about your hard disks and CD or DVD-ROM drives.
  • Current Memory Usage — This section displays the amount of RAM that your server currently uses.
  • Current Disk Usage — This section displays information about the amount of hard drive space that your server currently uses.
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