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What can a Digital Agency do for Your Business

The world is getting more and more competitive as the days go by. Advertising is a difficult task especially if you’re a brand trying to come through a swarming field of advertisers. The first few months could be disastrous and the succeeding months could be just as terrible. The only way you can get away from the hustle and bustle is if you entrust your campaigns to someone experienced in the field.  

This is where a digital agency should come in. Hiring an in-house digital advertising team could cost you a lot, so outsourcing an advertising team who can do the job and will deliver the results that you want beyond what you can imagine, is your next big option.  

In this blog we’ll explore the different kinds of campaigns you should consider outsourcing to a digital marketing agency. 

Facebook Ads Campaigns  

Are you one of the many businesses who want to try Facebook advertising or are already running Facebook ads through an in-house team? You’ve probably tried in the past and might have felt like they were not effective perhaps because the ads were not set properly. We’ve encountered several clients who felt the same way. This is because Facebook ads can be extremely complicated and usually, only select people with a vast number of experiences usually understand the right ads to run given any objective.

From media planning and strategizing, competitor analysis, targeting and setup to daily monitoring and performance analysis, a digital marketing agency typically provides all of these services when it comes to running your Facebook ads campaigns.

One tip based on our experience is to consider running a Facebook ad campaign if you are targeting a broad market in the Philippines. This is because not only are the majority of Filipinos (regardless of class) active Facebook users, but another thing is, Facebook’s ad targeting algorithm is played a little bit differently compared to Google. Facebook, as opposed to Google, serves its ads to prospective audiences on all of its platforms, versus with Google, who learns users’ preferences based on their search data or the products or services they search for through the Google search engine. 

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Google Ads Campaigns

Another crucial type of digital campaign that a digital marketing agency can run for you are your Google ads campaigns. If you don’t know what Google ad campaigns are yet, these are basically search ads, display ads, and YouTube ads. Interested in learning more? Read through our previous blog about Google ads campaigns here.  

Based on our experience with working with different companies, Google ads are very well suited for brands that carry a B2B model. At the same time, Google Search Ads carry with it a higher conversion rate compared to other ad types as this allows your brand to appear when users are looking for it or, in some cases, something similar to the brand or product that you are offering. This essentially allows you visibility and brand awareness online right when users are looking for you. 

When it comes to the process of running an SEM campaign, your preferred digital agency will be expected to present a media plan and keyword analysis so you can see the forecast of the keywords that you want to bid for. If you’re looking to learn more about Search Engine Marketing, click on this link. 

Search Engine Optimization 

While doing your paid ad or SEM campaign, it’s ideal that you run it alongside SEO. This type of online campaign is not exactly easy. It requires tons and tons of research, experience with content writing, optimization, keyword research and strategies. 

This type of campaign is beneficial for brands who want to rank their website on Google’s search engine pages organically and in the long-run. SEO campaign strategies continuously evolve as Google’s search algorithm changes so running an SEO campaign is a long-term commitment which requires expertise and experience, not to mention, some knowledge on the back-end of your website. 

If what we mentioned are still unfamiliar to you, it’s best that you consult with digital advertising agencies such as iManila, to help get you ahead of the game. With 25 years of experience in the IT industry, iManila has the skills and the experience to help you with your website design and development, hosting, digital marketing and technical support needs. It’s not too late yet, start your digital advertising journeys with us today! Contact us today!  

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