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The long haul: How to be in the business for years


Telephones, pagers, personal computers, CDs, and the internet. Among these nineties, technology innovations are the birth of iManila. From being one of the internet pioneers, iManila has progressed to be the most trusted and reliable web and digital service provider in the country. Bona fide to deliver the best service to its clients.

As iManila celebrates its 21st anniversary this year, it shares its company secrets in making your business stay for years. Browse, read, and bring your company to the long haul.

Live by your company principles

Every company has its own reasons for existence. As for iManila, living up to its mantra of improving the lives of people through technology has bettered every facet of the organization to provide quality services. Company principles keep the righteous presence in and out of the organization. Thus, producing right processes and right outcomes.


Always have a plan and direction

The main reason why businesses should always have a plan is simple: to ensure that the business is on track. By on track means, going nowhere but to the company’s direction; meeting its sales targets, and achieving its business goals. Not only a plan can bring you to your company objectives but it can also give you a competitive advantage in your craft.

Choose the right people

Our CEO believes that his choice of getting the right people in iManila was a huge influence in our accomplishments. Many individuals can be more knowledgeable and more intelligent than the rest, however, only a few embody the right attitude and commitment that the organization needs to step up from being a good company to a great company. Remember, a team that consists of passionate individuals never fail to deliver the best services.

Don’t be afraid to try and fail

Failing is normal. Trying is normal. But, not failing and not trying is not how any business works. If you won’t try and experience failures, you won’t grow. It’s a way of life for business as much as it is for ourselves. Lack of challenges makes it hard for you to be successful. Go and inhale every mistake. Learn from it and never forget about it. Those failures will soon be a story to tell when the time comes.



Lasting for more than two decades in the industry is beyond what our stakeholders have imagined. A five-year success was expected then, but, a 21-year stay was a combination of luck, blessing, and pure determination. If iManila can make it for decades, sure enough, your business can, as well. Why not give iManila a call? Let’s see how can we be of help with you.


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MOBILE FRIENDLINESS IS NOW A THING — It is common knowledge to most marketers that Last April 2015, Google search has expanded its mobile friendliness algorithm known as “Mobilegeddon”. This update from Google has marked the beginning of a shift of focus from desktop to mobile searches and has affected a lot of websites that are not mobile-responsive. Some of the affected may have experienced a decline in their Google SERP ranking or even to the volume of their monthly traffic.

What is Mobile Friendliness?

There are 75.4 million unique mobile users in the Philippines, comprising 74% of the nation’s population. Almost everyone these days considers themselves to be “tech-savvy” with the advent of the internet allowing even the simplest devices to do an amazing amount of tasks.


Let’s face it, with a market as large as that, you probably want your brand to be etched on the consciousness of these users.  This is exactly why it’s time for your website to go mobile.

Opting for a mobile-responsive website or the mobile friendliness of your website enables it to be sent instantly dynamic as it fits symmetrically on any screen size, minimizing usability issues such as links that are not clickable, images taking forever to appear, scrolling problems and lagging issues.

Simply put – a mobile-responsive website enhances user experience.

Want to know how to make your website friendly? Say hi to one of our account executives, or leave us a message on our contact form.

Mobile version vs Mobile-Responsive

On the off-chance that you live under a rock, you might probably be more familiar with the term “mobile version”.

Mobile version is different from mobile-responsive. The former means developing a version of your website customized for mobile users and uses a separate URL commonly beginning with “m” (such as m.facebook.com). It’s like having two unique websites with one dedicated to desktops and another for mobile devices.

The latter, on the other hand, automatically resizes the content of your website based on user device allowing for optimum user experience.


Post-Mobilegeddon Updates

Aside from the ‘mobilegeddon’ released on 2015, other updates released were Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), which launched in February 2016, and ‘mobile­first indexing’, which Google has been working on for quite a while now.
The AMP or the Accelerated Mobile Page Project is an open source initiative of Google launched in October 2015. This update works towards increasing the performance of the mobile web, loading web pages instantly, even with rich content or ads.


AMP is not a mobile ranking factor, however, its objective is to improve the functions of mobile websites with stripped-down versions of web pages. This enables users to read and scan your content with ease, improving your website’s traffic and in time, improving your SERP ranking. Google AMP lets publishers focus on great content while depending on other components like image carousels and social plug­ins for high performance and great user experience.


Another recent update is mobile­first indexing. Google has been adjusting their algorithms to primarily use mobile versions of website content to rank pages, understand its structured data, and show snippets from those pages on their SERPs. Here are some of the recommendations of google about dealing with the mobile­first indexing update:

  • Stay on your responsive site or dynamic serving site on desktop and mobile version;
  • If the two versions of your website’s primary content are different, you should make your structured data uniform, make your mobile website crawlable, and maintain canonical links unchanged;
  • Verify your desktop and mobile website versions against Google Search Console;
  • Launch new mobile sites only when they’re ready, to avoid any unwanted effects on your desktop sites that may arise from faulty mobile ones.

What is for business online?

Businesses that rely heavily on traffic and leads coming from online sources should prepare to change extensively, otherwise, their potential sales will be flushed down the drain. Below are the advantages of making your website mobile-responsive:

Know more about the benefits of a mobile-responsive website or its mobile friendliness by calling our sales executives or by sending us a message through this LINK.

It strengthens your website’s optimization.

With Google recently releasing an algorithm specifically targeting websites that aren’t mobile-responsive yet, now would be the best time to do so. Having a mobile-responsive site brings more traffic to your website which then opens doors to increase sales and revenue. A great search rank on desktop and mobile would be beneficial for your business because that’s brand awareness reaching your market through multiple channels.

It saves you time and money.

With a mobile-responsive website, you can focus your resources instead in building and creating new campaigns and content instead of developing a separate website for mobile devices.

It keeps you ahead of your competition.

There are a lot of businesses who have yet to invest in this new kind of technology because, well, it’s new; and new is a mystery few have the courage to explore.

Going mobile-responsive automatically puts you ahead of the curve because you’re already building your rank up while others are still flirting with the idea.

It provides an optimum user experience for your consumers.

With smartphones and tablets continuously increasing in terms of usage, giving your market the ability to browse through your site with ease is one step to earning their trust. Because everything is organized and made faster, potential clients are more likely to explore your website than leave it the moment they see the home page. Your site will have perfectly scaled images and readable texts so there’s no reason to not give it a chance.



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Web Design Crystal Ball for 2017


Since the Chinese New Year is nearly approaching, it is the best time to rub the 2017 crystal ball for web design.  Know what design trends to follow and what to leave behind the past year. Here are some web design guides and predictions to consider this 2017.

So long, stock photos!

Stock photos are the heroine of web design — a few clicks away ready to save websites from looking all dull. However, designers are starting to give unique visualization to each website now, emphasizing the individual characters through personalized website photos. The result? Lesser use of online professional curated images. This is a great way to drift brands away from its competitors’ branding direction, defying web design resemblances.

Voluptuous fonts call for a revival

Web designers are expected to use bigger and bolder typography fonts this year. Aesthetically speaking, bigger font size balances the minimalist web design trend that is continuously rising in the design circle. Doing so also gives users a not-so-much and a not-so-less perspective. In the digital marketing scene, bolder font style instantly catches the eyes of website visitors. This leads visitors to the information that brands intend. Double-purpose, yes.

 One vibrant color palette, to-go!

Bid goodbye to the basic colors the web visitors have been seeing for a couple of years. Defy color blandness. Go for the extremes. 2017 demands braver designs that keep the minimalist look buzzing. Website elements with vibrant colors equalize the UI’s unfussy layout. Perfect combo, ha!

Think motion pictures

Animations and videos will seem to reign this year. With more and more tech trends rising online such as live streaming, boomerangs, GIFs and VRs, 2017 is going to be a very interactive year for web designers and web developers. More than being interactive, videos and animations are indeed more appealing to users. These media narrate. These provide stories that make the users enjoy and stay longer on websites.


Design is subjective. What may look pleasing to one may not look pleasing to others. However, web designs are not just created for the satisfaction of the brand owner, but for the eyes of its market, of its website visitors, above all. And like crystal ball results, these up and coming web design trends may or may not work on a specific brand. Some of it may be of help yet some may overkill the UI. That’s why iManila has been here for more than two decades – to guide the brands what elements to integrate in their websites. Expect it strategically done without compromising the design. Learn from the best, reach iManila now for a free consultation.

B2B Blogging Best Practices


For some marketers, maintaining top quality blogs are a chore. The process of coming up with a content calendar, finding the right resources, and figuring out the right angle to make the blog much interesting, is such a tough feat.

But no matter how hard it is to maintain a decent and effective blogging tactic, it is still an indispensable method in bringing traffic to your website and to improve your website’s SERP (search engine results page) ranking. Here are some pointers to help you optimize your website’s blog.


Word Length Performances

Truth be told, B2B blogs should be 500 to 1,000 words. Anything that goes beyond 1000 words is draggy, while anything less than 500 isn’t authoritative. In coming up with blogs for the audience whom you treat as potential clients, below are the following details to take note:

The topic should be beneficial to in terms of:

  • Their function at work,
  • Their output at work
  • Image to maintain at work
  • Image to maintain in their social sphere

Frequency of Posts

According to one of the leading marketing software provider – Hubspot, companies who published more than 16 posts per month saw traffic increase by 3.5x more than those who only published up to 4 posts per month.

This insight was put into test by an Internet consulting firm – Strategic and below are the findings:

  • The number of blog posts on our site grows 6 to 181
  • A 1271% increase in traffic
  • Organic traffic grows from 143 sessions per month at the outset, to1817 sessions per month in March 2016.

However, the bottom-line that marketers should always keep in mind to make this work is that all blog content should be well written and well mapped to resonate with specific buyers persona challenges of their respective companies. And, should be posted to target and relevant social media channels.

Key Takeaways For Effective B2B Blogs

These statistics show that for B2B blogs to produce best measurable benefit within Inbound marketing campaigns, they should:

Be regular: you should produce close to 16+ per month if possible.

Generally stay around 500-800 words long (though variation is fine!).

Your posts should also be written to address your persona’s common business challenges and be regularly promoted via your own company social media channels.

Quality, persona-targeted blog content can enhance search rank, boost traffic, attract higher quality leads and establish your brand as trusted niche expert.



To get started with your blogging strategy this 2017, you need to list all the challenges your target personas have and link them to the services or products that your company provides. The end goal ALWAYS is that your offerings (be it a service or product) is the answer to put an end to those business challenges.

If you find it a little rough to get started with blogging, reach out to us. iManila, provides content marketing solutions such as website copywriting, blogging, email newsletters and content writing to pumped-up your content marketing. Call us at (02) 490-0000 or send us an email at [email protected]. You can also visit our website at https://imanila.ph for more information on our services.



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